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Handwriting Lead - Miss Henry


At Lowerplace Primary School, our children have regular handwriting lessons following Cambridge Penpals for Handwriting. Our handwriting sessions focus on letter formation, consistent size and shape of letters, as well as accurate joining. Teachers give specific attention to pencil and pen control, grip and posture in helping our pupils to develop a legible handwriting style.


In EYFS, children learn to:

  • develop their gross motor skills
  • develop their fine motor skills
  • hold their pencil correctly
  • make marks and patterns with a pencil
  • form individual letters correctly

In KS1, children learn to:

  • form capital letters correctly
  • form numbers 0-100 correctly
  • write longer words focussing on correct letter formation
  • correctly join some letters within words

In KS2, children learn to:

  • join more letters within words
  • join letters to an ascender
  • have break letters when joining
  • be aware of the importance of consistent sizing and spacing
  • write at speed
  • think about handwriting for different purposes


In the Penpals Scope and Sequence document you will be able to see progression for the teaching of handwriting at Lowerplace.

Handwriting Progression

In the document below you will find information to support you when talking about handwriting at home with your child. You will find information about the correct formation of letters, numbers and joins for our school. This is broken down into the different year groups.

Handwriting Information for Parents