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Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)

PSHE Lead - Mrs A Foy

 At Lowerplace, PSHE lessons are taught following the Jigsaw scheme of work where we aim to deliver a curriculum that is accessible to all and will maximise the best outcomes for all children. It provides a high-quality educational experience for all pupils whilst providing a cohesive whole school approach that allows for building on skills and progression. Although teaching the entire scope of PSHE is not a statutory requirement for Primary Schools in England, we feel that PSHE makes a vital contribution to areas where schools do have a duty. We feel it is crucial that children are exposed to PSHE in both discrete and cross-curricular learning. 

As a school, Jigsaw is our main teaching tool, however teachers edit the lessons to suit the needs of their class. Our PSHE curriculum holds children at its heart and its cohesive vision helps children to understand and value how they fit into and contribute to the world. It has a strong emphasis on emotional literacy, building resilience and nurturing mental and physical health. It allows pupils to develop the skills and attributes they need to keep themselves safe and healthy. Our lessons also include mindfulness, allowing children to advance their emotional awareness, concentration and focus. 

The Jigsaw PSHE curriculum has two main aims for all children: 

To build their capacity for learning 
• To equip them for life 

We offer a comprehensive Programme for Primary PSHE including statutory Relationships and Health Education, in a spiral, progressive and fully planned scheme of work, giving children relevant learning experiences to help them navigate their world and to develop positive relationships with themselves and others. 

Jigsaw consists of six half-term units of work (Puzzles), each containing six lessons (Pieces) for each academic year. 

  • Autumn 1:   Being Me in My World 
  • Autumn 2:   Celebrating Difference (including anti-bullying) 
  • Spring 1:      Dreams and Goals 
  • Spring 2:      Healthy Me 
  • Summer 1:   Relationships 
  • Summer 2:   Transition  

 Lowerplace PSHE Curriculum Long Term Overview